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How To Cope With Naughty Twins

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Why do twins misbehave more than single children?

When your twins turn three they are three times more likely to misbehave than singletons of the same age.

There can be many reasons why toddlers regardless of whether they are a twin, triplet or singleton misbehaves for a period of time, most of which will be down to the temperament of the child and their social surroundings. However, there are several reasons why your twins may be more likely to misbehave than single children of the same age:

• Competing for attention – both of your twins will desire your undivided attention, and misbehaving is a quick and easy way to get it

• Double the trouble – twins even from an early age egg each other on, and it is certainly much harder to physically restrain two children who are misbehaving compared to just one

• Listening – twins can often be too busy playing with each other to listen to your requests

How can I stop bad behaviour in my twins?

The best way to combat naughty twins is to pre-empt it wherever possible. Make time for their individual development, giving them special undivided attention. Be fair and consistent with the behaviour you expect from them and the punishments you give.

Starting off a sentence with the name of the twin you are addressing helps them to know who you are talking to, which means your first, second and third requests for them to do something are less likely to be ignored.

Dr Carol Cooper, GP

Author of Twins and Multiple Births

All information used in this article was sourced from:

Cooper, C., 2004. Twins and Multiple Births. 2nd ed. Chatham: Vermilion

10695 Revised November 2012


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