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Ever wondered why you always seem to have a cold or are constantly feeling sick? Allergy symptoms can often feel the same as common illnesses and with more and more people developing allergies each year it is important to know the difference. The following video library contains everything you need to know about allergies by UK allergy specialist Dr Peter Saul. From why some people get allergies and not others, how people are tested for allergies, to new research into allergy prevention, it is all only a click away.

Over the counter decongestants may ease your child’s cold symptoms but are you aware of the long term damage they can cause to their blood vessels? Watch this video to learn more.

Sodium cromoglicate is a drug given to allergy sufferers to prevent the body from reacting to a particular allergen. Allergy expert, Dr Peter Saul explains more on how to treat allergies.

Corticosteroids are produced in the body as a natural response to stress and work by reducing the body’s reaction to an allergen. The following video explains the type of steroids available and the best form of treatment for particular allergies.

Hyposensitisation offers a new method of treating allergies. Rather than treat the allergic reaction when it occurs, it tricks the body into not reacting to the allergen at all. Allergy Expert, Dr Peter Saul, explains how in this video.

Allergies can have a range of symptoms from itchy eyes to skin rashes. Watch in this video as Dr. Peter Saul describes what an allergy is, the allergy symptoms and how you can tell if your symptoms are caused by an allergy or some other factor.

Why is it that we get allergies? Why does the body immune system go haywire and react against thing that are perfectly harmless? In this video, Dr. Peter Saul explains the current medical theories in plain English.

As doctors get closer to understanding what causes allergies a way of preventing them may soon be at hand. Watch as Dr. Peter Saul discusses some revolutionary new therapies that are on the horizon and find out about allergy prevention.

It seems that more and more children are developing potentially life-threatening allergies. Is this true or just a scare created by the media? In this video allergy expert, Dr. Peter Saul, gives the facts about why allergies are on the rise and the part we have played in this increase.

Developing allergies is something that is usually associated with children. However, there are some allergens that can cause an allergic reaction to develop at any age. Watch this video to learn more.

An allergy test can be done either at your GPs office or through an NHS allergy clinic. If you have allergic symptoms and are not sure what is causing them, talk to your GP about how you can be tested.

There are many companies selling allergy tests in stores an on the Internet. In this video Dr. Peter Saul describes the most common tests available and explains how they work, their reliability and possible pitfalls. Watch to find out how to test for allergies at home.

Many parents worry about their children having food allergy, but are we exaggerating the dangers? In this video Dr. Peter Saul gives us some practical advice about the true risks of food allergy.

Egg allergies are most common in young children. However, as it is also likely that they will grow out of an egg allergy by the age of four, the child is tested for an allergic reaction at specific intervals. This video describes the tests used for egg allergies.

Anaphylaxis is an extreme and often immediate allergic reaction. It is a serious illness that needs urgent treatment. Knowing the signs and how to treat it can save lives. Allergy Expert, Dr. Peter Saul explains how.

Around one in five Britons suffer from hay fever, an allergy to pollen. Find out how to minimise the symptoms of your pollen allergy.

What is hayfever and when does it usually occur? Watch our video to uncover the secrets behind the roots of this summer spoiler.

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