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Allergy Testing At Home

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There are two types of allergy testing techniques that a person can use at home or outside the clinical setting.

How to test for allergies: 

1. Hair analysis

2. VEGA testing

Hair analysis involves sending a sample of hair to a lab to be tested. The results of the tests are sent directly back to the person with results on potential allergic reactions found.

VEGA testing involves holding electrodes in each hand that are connected to a machine. The practitioner will administer different allergens onto the skin and look for any resistance, which is transmitted through the hands to the machine.

There is no evidence that these types of tests provide an accurate picture of what allergies a person has. They can also be relatively expensive.

A person who is concerned about potential allergies should speak to a GP. It is possible to have blood tests, skin prick tests, or a referral to a clinic specialising in allergies, all of which are likely to produce a more accurate reading of a person’s allergies at no cost to the individual.


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10024 Published May 2009

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