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BPH Treatments

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Videos

  • Do BPH Treatments Affect Sexual Function?

    Treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can cause problems with sexual function. From retrograde ejaculation to impotence, learn more here.

  • How Common Is BPH?

    Benign prostatic hyperplasia affects thousands of older men. Is this what is causing your urinary symptoms? Find out more here.

  • BPH Symptoms

    Are you over 60? Then you could be one of the 60% of men that develop prostate enlargement. Find out more here.

  • Is BPH Dangerous?

    BPH or prostate enlargement is a very common condition, but just how dangerous is BPH in the long term? Find out here.

  • BPH Treatments

    Concerned about BPH? Find out the medications available for BPH and whether tablets are the right treatment for you.

  • Using An Open Prostatectomy For BPH

    In severe cases of prostate enlargement an open prostatectomy is needed. Find out more about prostate removal to treat BPH here.

  • Surgery For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    When medications alone do not relieve the symptoms of prostate enlargement, your doctor may recommend surgery. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Surgical Treatments For BPH

    The symptoms of prostate enlargement can be relieved by surgical procedures like laser surgery. Learn about your treatment options here.

When to treat BPH

Once a diagnosis of prostate cancer has been ruled out, there is the option for men experiencing mild symptoms of prostate enlargement to do nothing. A GP will most likely recommend regular monitoring and small lifestyle changes like reducing caffeine and alcohol, which irritate the bladder¹.

Medications for BPH

When the symptoms of prostate enlargement become too much for a patient to manage the first of the BPH treatments is almost always medication. There are several types of medication to treat BPH. The type of drug chosen will depend on the patient and the severity of the enlarged prostate.

Alpha blockers to treat BPH

Alpha blockers work by relaxing the smooth muscle at the outlet of the bladder which reduces the obstruction and for two thirds of men will reduce the severity of symptoms.

Side effects of alpha blockers to treat BPH

Alpha blockers are not considered to have severe side effects¹. Some men taking alpha blockers may experience headaches and dizziness. Almost all men taking alpha blockers will notice a change in the volume of sperm produced during ejaculation (retrograde ejaculation)¹.

Finasteride and Proscol to treat BPH

Proscol and finasteride are medications which work by reducing the size of the prostate. They are used when the symptoms of BPH continue to cause discomfort even with the use of alpha blockers, or if the prostate is measuring above a certain size (usually 40mls).

BPH medications like proscol and finasteride do not often make an immediate difference. These drugs reduce the size of the prostate slowly and will usually be prescribed for a minimum of six months.

Side effects of Finasteride and Proscol to treat BPH

Proscol and finasteride may cause impotence or a reduction in the volume of sperm produced at ejaculation. As the body adapts to the medication these side effects often subside¹.

Mr Christopher Eden
Consultant Urologist

1. NHS Choices – Prostate enlargement outlook. Date last updated: 13.07.2011. Website:


10510 December 2011

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